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Will Technology Revolutionize Education?

Will technology revolutionize education? This is a topic that is widely discussed among different educational circles. It was also a topic for discussion while I was taking Intermediate Math with Windsor University. Personally, I do not think it ever will. Technology will never replace human contact as well as emotions attached to it. Technology will never replace passionate, caring, and encouraging teachers/instructors as the best way to help kids excel at math or any subject!!

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Erena Shkodra
Erena Shkodra
With more than fifteen years experience as a teacher, primarily an elementary teacher of grades 1 to 6, Erena excels at helping students who struggle with math. She has a Bachelor of Education diploma (OCT), Intermediate Math qualifications, Montessori Elementary Teacher certification, and a B.A. with a major in English Literature and Grammar. Following her Orton-Gillingham teacher training, she mentored and tutored students with Dyslexia and ADHD, to not simply catch up but to exceed expectations.